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Alex didn't have much when she arrived here, so, when she got the call that the Division infiltration was happening sooner than planned, it didn't take long to pack up her belongings. This was actually happening. Alex was nervous, but she'd been waiting so long for this opportunity.

She liked it in Fandom, and she would surely miss it, but she knew what her mission had been from the beginning. School was Nikita's idea anyway. Alex just wanted to keep training with her mentor.

She left a quick note for her roommate, who she only barely got to know, before heading out.

This was it. She was ready.

[Establishy; Also, this is Alex's last post. It was nice playing her for awhile, but she's no longer really in my head space. So she's off to seek vengeance earlier than planned!]
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The weekend had been...kinda nice, actually. Alex didn't mind being a little kid again. In fact, she almost wished she could be one again. As a kid, she didn't have any worries or missions to plan. Her only mission had been exploring the woods for treasure, the kind of treasure from an eight-year-old's imaginative mind.

So it was a bit jarring to wake up today as her current self with all the same thoughts of revenge that had consumed her for years. Her mission to infiltrate a secret organization in a few years wasn't quite the same as exploring some woods.

She knew how important this whole thing was. She wasn't doubting that, and she certainly wasn't going to back away from it. She could acknowledge, though, how messed up everything was.

For now, she was just going to sit on her bed and mope. But just a little. She'd take her frustrations out on a bag at the gym later.

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There was one little girl who expected everything to go her way. All she wanted to do was play outside and eat all the sweets. She was Alexandra Udinova, sole heir to Zetrov, her father's empire. She usually got what she wanted. Eight-year-old Alex was just a little more prone to entitlement. Mostly, though, she just wanted to have fun.

Today was no different. First, she had to find her hat and gloves. Despite her young age, Papa had taught her the importance of preparation. There were also the English lessons, though eight-year-old Alex had yet to perfect an American accent.

This was shaping up to be a memorable weekend for older Alex.

[open before she runs off]
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Alex was 99% sure all the weirdness the town had been experiencing had something to do with the random visitors, so she headed over to the community center to try to get to the bottom of everything. This had to stop. She hated thinking about paparazzi. Worse, she hated wearing sunglasses inside for no reason other than thinking it was a cool thing to do.

Kelsi just happened to be the one Alex saw first. Plus, there were cookies.

Wherein Alex tries to be a hero. Or something. )

[preplayed with the fantabulous [ profile] glytterkyss!]
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I don't have any new characters, but, since there are some new players (hi!), here's an info post. Just the active characters, though. I also play alum Piper Halliwell ([ profile] cookinggeek) who is kinda neglected right now. I really need to fix that. All you need to know about her is she's a witch, a chef, and protective of her loved ones.

Anyway, my other characrers:

Alexandra Udinov )

Hanna Marin )

The Player )
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It was time for Alex to call Nikita to check in with her. She'd tell her how social she'd been. That's something she was working on. The part about the strip club, and even the karaoke, she'd leave out. Nikita wouldn't be mad, but she probably would remind Alex of these things. Often.

She was about to reach for her cellphone to make the call when something happened. She apparently didn't have arms any longer. They were replaced with wings. Butterfly wings. Of course she would turn into a butterfly of all things.

Luckily, she had opened a window a crack before the transformation occurred. Yeah, this was the weirdest thing ever, but she wasn't going to waste this opportunity. This was the best way ever to explore this island, right?

She just hoped she didn't get squished in the process. That would suck.

[establishy, but anyone outside is welcome to notice the butterfly flying out of a second floor window; roomie welcome to react as well]
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Alex had been here a week, and finally, Nikita had decided it was time to check in with her. Alex had to be careful with her words. She didn't want her mentor thinking she had lost her mind.

"So, how was your first week?"

Where to begin. There were the weird phone calls about squirrels. There was the dinosaur, the doppelganger, the fake gremlins disguised as murderous clowns, the real gremlins, the aliens from other planets... "It's been okay."

"Good," Nikita said. "I want you to have as much of a normal high school experience as possible before the mission."

Alex kept the laughter in her head to herself. She wondered how much research had been done when Nikita found this school. Not that Alex was complaining. This place was weird, but it wasn't boring. She could handle weird.

They talked a little longer before Nikita had to go rescue some foreign diplomat or something.

Alex put her phone down and contemplated what to do with the rest of her day.

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Alex Udinov reluctantly finished packing, trying very hard not to pout. She wasn't exactly successful. She didn't understand why she had to go away to school. )
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Alex Udinov: Just the Facts )

The following is all about Alex's very dark past, and there is a triggering potential with this. I just wanted to a warn before anyone reads further.

Warning: Very Sensitive Subject )


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