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The weekend had been...kinda nice, actually. Alex didn't mind being a little kid again. In fact, she almost wished she could be one again. As a kid, she didn't have any worries or missions to plan. Her only mission had been exploring the woods for treasure, the kind of treasure from an eight-year-old's imaginative mind.

So it was a bit jarring to wake up today as her current self with all the same thoughts of revenge that had consumed her for years. Her mission to infiltrate a secret organization in a few years wasn't quite the same as exploring some woods.

She knew how important this whole thing was. She wasn't doubting that, and she certainly wasn't going to back away from it. She could acknowledge, though, how messed up everything was.

For now, she was just going to sit on her bed and mope. But just a little. She'd take her frustrations out on a bag at the gym later.

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There was one little girl who expected everything to go her way. All she wanted to do was play outside and eat all the sweets. She was Alexandra Udinova, sole heir to Zetrov, her father's empire. She usually got what she wanted. Eight-year-old Alex was just a little more prone to entitlement. Mostly, though, she just wanted to have fun.

Today was no different. First, she had to find her hat and gloves. Despite her young age, Papa had taught her the importance of preparation. There were also the English lessons, though eight-year-old Alex had yet to perfect an American accent.

This was shaping up to be a memorable weekend for older Alex.

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