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Alex was 99% sure all the weirdness the town had been experiencing had something to do with the random visitors, so she headed over to the community center to try to get to the bottom of everything. This had to stop. She hated thinking about paparazzi. Worse, she hated wearing sunglasses inside for no reason other than thinking it was a cool thing to do.

Kelsi just happened to be the one Alex saw first. Plus, there were cookies.

Wherein Alex tries to be a hero. Or something. )

[preplayed with the fantabulous [ profile] glytterkyss!]
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Alex had been here a week, and finally, Nikita had decided it was time to check in with her. Alex had to be careful with her words. She didn't want her mentor thinking she had lost her mind.

"So, how was your first week?"

Where to begin. There were the weird phone calls about squirrels. There was the dinosaur, the doppelganger, the fake gremlins disguised as murderous clowns, the real gremlins, the aliens from other planets... "It's been okay."

"Good," Nikita said. "I want you to have as much of a normal high school experience as possible before the mission."

Alex kept the laughter in her head to herself. She wondered how much research had been done when Nikita found this school. Not that Alex was complaining. This place was weird, but it wasn't boring. She could handle weird.

They talked a little longer before Nikita had to go rescue some foreign diplomat or something.

Alex put her phone down and contemplated what to do with the rest of her day.



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