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  • Character: Alexandra "Alex" Udinov
  • From the spy/espionage reboot, Nikita
  • PB: Lyndsy Fonseca
  • Is 16 and a junior
  • An orphan after her parents were killed by a secret government agency called Division
  • Was rescued by her mentor, Nikita, a rogue Division agent
  • Plans to infiltrate Division someday to avenge the death of her parents
  • Is going to school first to learn some social skills
  • Is a recovering addict with a dark and troubled past (more on that in a bit)
  • Is the daughter of a very wealthy Russian oligarch, though no one knows this except Nikita
  • Everyone will know her as an ordinary American girl named Alexandra Jones (a canon alias)
  • Has a butterfly tattoo on her back
  • Speaks fluent English, Russian, and German
  • Is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and has weapons training
  • Basically, she's badass

The following is all about Alex's very dark past, and there is a triggering potential with this. I just wanted to a warn before anyone reads further.

To say Alex's life was dark and troubled is an understatement. She's pretty much been through hell and back.

When she was about thirteen, her parents were killed by Division. She was supposed to be killed as well, but Nikita saved her instead, the first time she defied Division. She couldn't take Alex with her, so she left her with a trusted associate of her father's. Unfortunately, he was not to be trusted at all. This is where it gets particularly horrible. He sold her to a human trafficker, and she was kept at a brothel for some time. To prevent her from trying to escape and fight back, she was kept high on drugs, becoming an addict as a result. She escaped on her own after awhile, and lived on the streets as an addict until Nikita found her again. From there, Nikita helped her get clean, taught her how to fight and use weapons, and became her mentor/mother figure.

This is heavy subject matter, but it very much shapes who she is now, and it may come up in narrative. If it ever does, there will be an ooc warning and it will always be behind a cut. Alex will never discuss this with anyone, unless she gets particularly close to someone. If it does somehow get brought up during interaction, I will never have her disclose anything without asking the other player first . This is not information she'll ever just dump on anyone. Right now, only Nikita knows about this.

This will never ever be brought up lightly. Please feel free to contact me (see user info) if you have any questions of concerns about this. I am definitely open for OOC communication.


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