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Alex was 99% sure all the weirdness the town had been experiencing had something to do with the random visitors, so she headed over to the community center to try to get to the bottom of everything. This had to stop. She hated thinking about paparazzi. Worse, she hated wearing sunglasses inside for no reason other than thinking it was a cool thing to do.

Kelsi just happened to be the one Alex saw first. Plus, there were cookies.


Kelsi eyed Alex speculatively, wondering what she would tweak if she was going to.

"Hi," she drawled. "Having a good day?"


Alex eyed the girl right back, but it was with suspicion. She was sure this girl wasn't a student here.

"I've had better days," she said, an edge to her voice. You can write the girl into a Hollywood setting, but that didn't change her spy mentality.


"Sorry to hear that," Kelsi said sympathetically. Her fingers fluttered a bit over the ornate ring on her left hand. "Anything specific bugging you? I'm pretty good at fixing problems."


Alex noticed she was fidgeting with the ring, but she was more subtle about it. She didn't want the girl to know she was noticing. So was that where they got all the power? "You fix things. Like a publicist?"

She'd keep her talking and find a way to get that ring from her. She'd try to do it without hurting her.


"Kind of," Kelsi said eagerly. "Or like a witch. Pretty much I make stuff happen. Like, if you got annoyed about looking like Sia, I could make you not look like Sia. I never really get why the show does that double casting anyhow."


"No, no, that's okay. No recasting necessary here," Alex said quickly. She really didn't want to change identities! "What makes you think there was double casting? Maybe we're long lost twins."

Now she was just messing with her.


Kelsi wrinkled her nose. "Yeah, but twin plots always Joss something," she said. "But maybe I could make it so you're one person but have multiple personality disorder. That'd be a lot more unique."

And horrific, but Kelsi was a little fuzzy on the 'using her powers for good' theory.


Alex nearly scoffed. "Really? Multiple personality disorder is even more cliche than twin plots."

She didn't know if that was true since she didn't watch much tv. "Maybe you can make me have super powers. Those are so in right now."

She was sure she could take this girl on considering her fight training, but having a super power would make it easier. Also, it'd be cool. What?


"Sure," Kelsi agreed readily, flattered to be asked. It didn't occur to her that Alex might have an ulterior motive, since she thought everything she'd done to the island was firmly in the category of awesome. "How about freeze ray fingers? Those are wicked, and nobody on the show right now has them."


"Freeze ray fingers?" Alex considered it. Humoring the girl, she added, "That's pretty creative. I like it."

Plus, it could be quite useful.


"Thank you," Kelsi beamed. She closed her eyes, apparently concentrating hard, and then -- "Okay, you should now be the proud owner of one set of freeze ray hands."


Alex had to test this out, so she aimed her hands at a random decoration, watching in awe as it froze over in ice. Whoa. Yeah, that was cool. She almost didn't want to part with this. Almost.

She turned to Kelsi, knowing what she had to do. "Really sorry to have to do this."

But not that sorry. She aimed at Kelsi, concentrating in order to freeze her, but leaving her ring finger free.

"Yes!" she said proudly, snatching the ring easily from Kelsi. She really didn't want to have to fight the girl.

Once the ring was in her possession, she smashed it against a wall, breaking whatever spell it cast. She watched the ice disappear from the decor and from Kelsi. She was quite relieved the spell wore off. She knew Kelsi wasn't really a bad person.

"You shouldn't mess with people's lives like that," Alex lightly admonished.


"But I was just making things better!" Kelsi sniffled. "You don't understaaaaaaaand."

Oh god, she was going to cry. All her power, gone that fast because of something she had done to show off.

Give her a few hours, and she might be grateful. But not yet.


Alex was never sure of what to do when someone was so upset, so she just reached out a hand toward Kelsi's shoulder to comfort her.

She figured this was a good life lesson.

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