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I don't have any new characters, but, since there are some new players (hi!), here's an info post. Just the active characters, though. I also play alum Piper Halliwell ([ profile] cookinggeek) who is kinda neglected right now. I really need to fix that. All you need to know about her is she's a witch, a chef, and protective of her loved ones.

Anyway, my other characrers:

Alexandra Udinov: From Nikita. 16, rising junior. Originally from Russia. Brought over through human trafficking after her parents were killed. A recovering addict. Rescued from the streets by her mentor Nikita. Has fighting and weapons training. Will one day infiltrate an try to take down Division. PB: Lyndsy Fonseca.

No one knows Alex's true identity except for Nikita. She is Alexandra Jones from NYC to everyone else. Read more about her here, particularly about the darker parts of her past.

 photo hannagif_zps6abade0c.gif

Hanna Marin ([ profile] new_it_girl): From Pretty Little Liars. 18. 2013 graduate. From Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Lives with her mom when she's home. Currently being stalked, along with her three best friends, by an entity called "A". Loves fashion and shoes. Often makes rash decisions, but heart is in the right place. Loyal. Has the most striking eyes. Has a cat named Louboutin (Lou). Dating Caleb Rivers from canon. PB: Ashley Benson.

She is currently going through season four canon. This season, she is very snappish with an attitude brought on by her extreme worry about her mother, who she thinks murdered someone (pretty sure it'll be another red herring). She's very close to her mother and the thought of losing her is pretty crushing. So she's not in the best of moods lately.

 photo sarahgif_zpscbc9e1e4.gif

I'm not quite as adorable as Yvonne Stahovski.

 photo shayleygif_zps2d1ecea4.gif

I love when the PLL cast act like huge dorks. That is often.

 photo dietcokegif_zps51344e8a.gif

I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

Other important facts:
I live in the Philly area, about 20 minutes from the town Rosewood is based on. That means I'm on EST. I'm around pretty much least until midnight-ish when I try to go to bed.

I'm a huge fan of the Flyers and Phillies, even when they aren't at their best like now. Sad.

You can find me on Twitter and AIM as Landslide418. I mostly babble about my fandoms and sports teams there.

And finally:

 photo kittygif_zpsbbd88610.gif
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